Acting through protection & indemnity and defence clubs is one of the main areas of activity. Typical examples of cases dealt with by our lawyers include:

-Cargo claims arising out of the discharge of cargo in West Africa, threats to arrest the vessel, and the defence of the claims on the merits in France. English law issues arising out of the carriage/charterparty chain.

-Loss of stability during the loading of a heavy lift vessel resulting in the loss of a large power station generator overboard in France. Proceedings arose in England under the charterparty, and in France. As lawyers qualified in both jurisdictions we were ideally placed to advise on both aspects.

-Collision involving an LPG tanker on the Seine.

-Pursuing claims on behalf of a shipowner for unpaid demurrage when no tugs were supplied at the port.

-Major pollution involving the break up and sinking of an oil tanker. We have dealt with numerous oil pollution prosecutions.

-Collision off Dunkirk with substantial damage to the vessel and cargo.

-Fire on board a vessel in Boulogne-sur-Mer.