We have experience advising oil majors and independent traders on issues arising throughout the process, from concession, production, refining, sale, carriage to distribution. Our lawyers have recently dealt with:

-Concession. USD 2 billion concession dispute and drafting the related concession contracts, for carriage, pilotage, towage.

-Production. Advising on the management, operation and charterparties for offshore production vessels.

-Refining. Refining agreements, explosion at a refinery in West Africa, refining quality disputes.

-Sale. Trading disputes involving contracts for physical delivery, and futures contracts.

-Carriage. USD 100 million dispute involving the charter of a gas carrier. Collision involving a gas carrier. Very substantial oil pollution and civil liability claims.

-Distribution. Substantial dispute involving petroleum products alleged to be outside the contractual specification and hazardous to the public. Customs issues relating to the import and distribution of petroleum products.