Port Damage


Limitation and jurisdiction are often key issues, and as lawyers qualified in English and French law, we are able to assess the relative merits immediately. Our lawyers have been involved in many high profile shipping casualties, and in most of the casualties which have occurred in the Channel over the last 2 decades:

-Sinking of a car carrier following a collision.

-Sinking of a ferry with heavy loss of life.

-Collision between a bulk carrier and an oil tanker and subsequent grounding.

-Collision involving an LPG tanker on the Seine.

-Break up and sinking of an oil tanker with major pollution.

-Fire on board a bulk carrier with substantial damage to the cargo.

-Collision off Dunkirk with substantial damage to the vessel and cargo.

Sinking and total loss of a brand new yacht.

Fire spreading, total losses of 3 yachts and damage to 6 other yachts/vessels in port in la Réunion.

Collision between bulk carrier and tug in West Africa.

Grounding and total loss of fishing vessel in Tahiti.